Frequently Asked Question

What types of programmes does Danawa Education offer?

Our programme offerings are primarily information and communications technology (ICT) based. From time to time, we may work with project stakeholders to design and customise training materials which are project centric.  For more information about the types of programmes currently available, please refer to the Programmes section.

What age groups do the programmes cater to?

We have programmes for children from preschools to adults in communities. For more information about programme suitability, please refer to the Programmes section. Alternatively, call us and have our team explain them to you.

Which certifying bodies does Danawa Education work with?

Our certification programmes are accredited by the University of Cambridge International Examinations and the Oxford Cambridge RSA (OCR). For more information about individual programmes, please refer to the Programmes section.

How long has Danawa Education been active in providing education programmes in Malaysia?

We have been active in the industry since 2003 and bring to you our many years’ of experience working many public and private stakeholders including schools, teachers, communities, parents and students.  For more information on our background, please refer to the About Us section.

Should my school consider becoming an attached centre to Danawa Education?

Yes, if you are looking for an internationally accredited ICT programme for your students and you currently do not already have a similar programme at your school.

What is the benefit to my school for being part of the Danawa Centre Network?

You will be offered a selection of education programmes and services to suit your needs and will enjoy flexibility in customising implementation plans to suit your timeline.  Your teachers will enjoy the benefit of our experience in ICT education and our ongoing support.

Can I register if I run a private tuition centre?

Yes, you can.  Call us or send us an email and we will provide you with more information.

What will my students get from participating in Danawa Education’s programmes?

Outcomes depend on your selection of programmes for your students. For example, students who successfully complete our programmes may be awarded internationally accredited ICT certificates, including the University of Cambridge International Examinations and Oxford Cambridge RSA.

Is there a set timetable each year for registration, exams and submissions?

No, once you are successfully registered with us, you can start at any point of the academic year.

How do I register / find out more?

Call us or send us an email. You can also drop by our offices in Kuching or Kuala Lumpur.  There is no obligation and we can offer you information and suggestions to help you make a decision that is right for you.