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Danawa Education is a centre for promoting digital based learning and teaching methodologies in early years, primary and secondary schools.  Aligned with Cambridge University International Examinations, we offer a programme for primary and secondary schools to teach information and communications technology. We believe in the power of education tools that are created by truly leading teaching and learning experts, resources that connect disparate communities and creative, hands on teaching and training experiences. Our team is dedicated to traversing the vast terrains of Malaysia in order to connect with rural communities and deliver our impactful training. 

What We Do

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ICT Programmes for Schools

We offer digital literacy programmes for schools (early years, primary and secondary). These programmes are available as part of a school’s extra curricular learning or as enrichment classes. Learn more here.

Connecting Rural Communities

Education and learning lie at the heart of digital divide issues and their solutions. Our team is dedicated to traversing vast terrains to connect with rural communities and deliver impactful projects. We have successfully deployed targeted devices and computer literacy programmes to benefit rural, underserved communities/bridge the digital divide. See our projects.

Early Childhood Education

Our professional, sensitive team has experience in advising and supporting childcare centres and early childhood education institutions in their establishment and resourcing.

We can diligently evaluate your centre’s needs and provide fee for service assistance in fulfilling required policy, curriculum and resourcing standards.  We are passionate about classic as well as leading edge products and software systems that inspire young children’s learning.

We are glad to have afforded schools and learning institutions, no matter which road, river or track they are found… an accredited, evidence based, systematic program. So that our students may develop into technologically literate, effective 21st century thinkers and learners, who will grow into the productive citizens and leaders of Sarawak.